All Saint's Church Warlingham
Memorial Inscriptions and Register of Burials

All Saints' Churchyard is a quiet and tranquil place for our loved ones to rest in peace

The five acres of churchyard is managed for wildlife' flora and fauna. Over the centuries it has been the place for remembering and commemorating the lives of those who have died

Burials at All Saints

Memorial Inscriptions at All Saints'
Memorial inscriptions and burial records provide a wealth of information about social, local and family history. The inscriptions can be thought-provoking, humorous and informative, and the gravestones themselves can be seen as works of art for all to admire.
For over ten years a team of volunteers have continued to read and record the inscriptions on the graves in the churchyard. Although the record is not fully complete it is a wonderful insight into the lives and times of our community. Click here to see the record

Team Rector: Reverend Michelle Edmonds
01883 623011 (on sabatical)

Team Vicar (part Time): Vacant

Plan of Churchyard All Saints Warlingham
Register of Graves

Click here to see the record